Totnes Intervention Services

Intervention Manager: Rachel Foot


Telephone: 01803 862774

Working together we can provide support and provision for students at risk of exclusion and those that are excluded. We also work with children and young people who need support with their social and emotional needs & who may be in care or about to leave care. On Track Education Services have the expertise and resources to re-engage young people with learning by addressing individual barriers, developing general confidence and social skills, and recognising and managing emotions appropriately.  

Emotional wellbeing is seen increasingly as key to children successfully adapting to adult life, achieving educational success, positive relationships and mental health.

An emotionally well child of young person has empathy and self-awareness. They are able to manage their feelings, are motivated and have good social skills. A Child or young person who is Growing Strong is one who works well, plays well, loves well and expects to achieve their full potential.

Our programmes can offer 1:1 support through activities that can be flexible to fully meet the needs of the student and your finances.

Learning to interact with others through activities can lead to numerous social and emotional benefits for students including:

  • Enhanced self-esteem and self-confidence through successful participation.

  • Improved communication, social interaction, and friendship skills, as well as more appropriate social behavior through modeling from peers.

  • Increased sense of autonomy, independence, self-direction, and the ability to make choices related to participation.

  • Increased participation in regular physical activity that is intrinsically motivated.

  • Expanded repertoire of leisure skills, with the potential for lifelong participation across a variety of settings.

  • Strengthened feelings of belonging and acceptance in school and community.

 Working together with:



Local Authorities

Health Services

Education other than at school

Partnership Learning

It is well documented that we all need to be emotionally engaged before we are ready to learn. But when strong negative emotions kick in, they completely override the learning process.

Developing emotional literacy is key in enabling these young people to get back on track in their lives.

We have a teacher based at Dartington who can deliver the academic tuition.  We can also offer accreditation through the AQA unit based qualifications and BTEC Land Based Studies at our 'off-site' venue.  Children can learn about conservation through 'hands on' experiences including incubating eggs, hatching and rearing chicks. They can learn about small mammals including dormice and field mice, and be involved in a RSPB programme to reintroduce rare birds back into the wild.

Our programmes are available throughout the year as we also offer provision during the evenings, weekends and holidays through our 'nurture, mentoring and play' programmes.


Safeguarding Policy - On Track Intervention Service, Totnes

Copies of all On Track policies including the Complaints Procedure can be obtained on request from Head Office or the School's Centre Manager.